parkyoo♥ (the_babysky) wrote in jaechun_ywh,

[fic] You put the fun in funeral

Title: You put the fun in funeral
Length: One shot
Genre: Angst, Crime, Suicide Squad!AU
Rating: M
Summary: Death doesn't scare him, no. He's been dead long before he had been locked in this facility. He's done bad things, killed more people than he liked to care to count, fell in love with people he's supposed to be helping but it turned the other way around. So if you asked him if he was scared of death? His answer would be a quick no.
A/N: Hi guys! It's been such a long time! I missed this comm. Huhu Anyway, I would just like to point out this was based heavily on the recent Suicide Squad movie and I really loved the relationship dynamics Joker and Harley Quinn had in the movie. I tried looking for a fic that was based on them but I couldn't find any so.. here. I thought I'd do something myself, lol.

Tags: fan fiction: one shot
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